DOJ UAS Policy Update

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Date Added: 02/4/2020 2:14 PM EST
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Jacinta Meredith | E-ISAC Staff


Details: The National Council of ISACs shared information regarding the Department of Justice’s updated policy for using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), which was released in November of 2019. 

On November 27, 2019, DOJ published an updated copy of its Policy on the Use of UAS. They noted that: 

“In light of advancements in unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology, and lessons learned from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s limited use of UAS, the Policy enables the Department of Justice’s law enforcement components to safely and responsibly employ UAS technology within a framework designed to provide accountability and protect privacy and civil liberties. . . The Policy permits the use of UAS only in connection with properly authorized investigations and activities.  It also requires compliance with the Constitution and all applicable laws and regulations, including regulations issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.” 

E-ISAC Analyst Comment: It is useful to maintain awareness of government policy on the use of UAS both to inform knowledge of the risks associated with them and ensure that your organization is able to make informed decisions when using UAS. 

Recommendation: The E-ISAC recommends members review the updated policy for awareness. 

The E-ISAC is providing this bulletin for situational awareness. If further information becomes available, it will be added as an update to this post.

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